A NEW advanced tool that predicts market with laser accuracy, by providing high quality signals and constant


The first adaptive trading indicator that
works on both forex and binary options!

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Quick Start

Installation is very simple and takes a little time, it is just a couple of clicks and copying one file.

Smart Algorithm

Performs calculations on any existing currency pair, as well as on precious metals, indexes and adapts to them.

Easy to Use

Despite the information content and functionality, the interface is very simple and convenient.

New Screenshots

Unstoppable Profit on H1: 9/9 Fresh Wins, +1033 Pips Profit!

Fox Trader Pro - Buy/Sell Trading Indicator

Fresh Results with indicator on M30: +210 Pips Profit!

Fox Trader Pro - Buy/Sell Trading Indicator

New Update (6-7 OCT) - Unstoppable Profit on M5!
7/7 Won Trades: +342 Pips Total Profit!

Amazing Latest Results on H4 timeframe

Look at the Latest Results of indicator on M15 Timeframe

Fox Trader Pro - Buy/Sell Trading Indicator

Introduce: Fox Trader Pro

Now it's time for BIG CHANGES in trading!
We present to you a system that makes it possible to earn money from the comfort of your own home.
A powerful indicator that uses an innovative algorithm that could multiply your profit!

No more doubts and difficult analyzes. Now you can trade better, faster and smarter with high performance Fox Trader Pro.
All the hard work is done for you. The only thing you need to do is just to follow the indicator signals!

Advanced algorithm for calculating the price on each bar, which gives maximum adaptability to any market conditions.

It is based on complex algorithmic calculations of such great mathematicians as Gann and Fibonacci, which gives you the most accurate trend detection, bypassing unprofitable signals in the flat.

Very user-friendly interface. All complex calculations of several thousand lines fit into the signal arrow. All you have to do is just to trust the indicator's calculations, enter the trade and take your profit.

Smart Informer

The indicator informer contains all the necessary information that will allow you to fully understand the market conditions. Depending on the trading mode (Forex or Binary Options), the informer will display relevant information in accordance with the mode.

"Trend Power" informs you how steady the current trend is.

"Market Volatility" informs you how strong the oscillations are at the moment.

"Trend Direction" informs you in which direction the price are going on each timeframe.

The built-in tester will help you to choose the pairs and timeframes that give the highest profit.

Trading Modes

The indicator is equipped with two trading modes. Forex and Binary Options. Switching modes is carried out in 1 click, which provides the ability to quickly react to market changes or decision making.

Mode: Forex

In this mode, the indicator adapts to Forex trading, gives a buy or sell signal and set 2 adaptive take profit leves. The informer also adapts to the selected mode.

Mode: Binary Options

In this mode, the indicator adapts to trading on Binary Options, gives signal to call or put on the current candle. The informer also adapts to the selected mode.

Main Features

These points set Fox Trader Pro apart from the other trading tools.
Uniqueness is our trump card!

Smart Informer

Information that will allow you to accurately analyze the market.

Accurate Signals

Equipped with a unique trading algorithm providing accurate and profitable signals.

Two Trading Modes

The ability to trade in Forex and Binary Options modes.

No Repaint

Fox Trader Pro never repaints self signals!

Three Types of Alerts

An intelligent alert system that will inform you about every signal generated.

24/7 Support

Full technical support at all stages and at any time.

Fox Trader Pro - Buy/Sell Trading Indicator

Indicator Advantages

10 reasons to use Fox Trader Pro as your main trading tool:

Low Entry level

Even a novice trader could trade successfully using Fox Trader Pro indicator with ease

Market Signals

In the market chaos, when the next price movement is formed, the system finds the most profitable entry points

System Elasticity

It will always be relevant for any timeframes and assets, as well as for any financial mechanisms

Exact Entry Point

The rules that generate signals are clear and limpid. No hidden conditions and pure algorithm

Non-Linear Method

The indicator has a diversified tool scheme for accurate predictions in any market conditions

Experienced Algorithm

The algorithm, honed to perfection, does not fail and will not make you doubt the quality and profitability of signals

Non-Discrete Analysis

Every day the market is chaotic, so the system is not built on patterns, but constantly adapts to the market itself

High Mathematical Expectation

The system guarantees a stable growth of the deposit over a long period of time without drawdown

Large Coverage of Various Price Factors

The system analyzes the most important factors that move the price into a unified signal for accurate predictions

Profit Every Trading Day

During neither a week nor a month, but the entire time of trading with the system, you will get a profit

Indicator in action

Watch the trading video of Fox Trader Pro on two different modes.
+1917 Pips Profit in Forex Mode and 90% Win Rate in Binary Options Mode!

Fox Trader Pro - Buy/Sell Trading Indicator

Signal Examples

Fox Trader Pro regularly generates accurate and profitable signals.
Make sure of this by looking at the trading examples in the two modes below!

User Testimonials

Here are just some testimonials from actual users of Fox Trader Pro:

After spending a lot of money for several indicators I was very excited about results of fox trader pro. In addition, for the first month, I got only profit day by day which I am very happy about, so thank you very much!

John J.

Trader - 6 years experience

I often use the indicator as a filter, but I noticed that the indicator surprisly gives very accurate signals in a row. I tested this indicator for about a week and came out in a profit in 450 pips, without making any effort. Thanks to the developers for their work.

Herry M.

Trader - 2 years experience

Hello. I acquired Fox Trader Pro 3 days ago. Very clear instructions with trading tips was really helpful. It's really easy to use and functional. I started to trade it on a live account and was amazed of the accuracy. +150 pips per day on EURUSD. Its wonderfull. Thanks for your hard work!

Martin Y.

Trader - 1 year experience

I just want 2 say that I havent had a losing day since I got this tool. Recently I've tried too many tools - they didn't work... I bought FoxTraderPro and finally start making profit on trading. Thx for all work you've done.


Trader - 2 year experience

I purchased Fox Trader Pro 5 days ago. This indicator works great: +475 pips on 3 pairs during this time and 12 win / 2 loss trades on binary options. Thank you for your great product. This is a top predict machine for trader. Thanks again for everything u do.

Jacob A.

Trader - 5 year experience

It seems like scalper. I never see smth same before. +150 pips in 1 day on 2 pairs make me shocked! How is it possible? I can't even say how grateful I am to you for this. I just don't interested in buy other indicators again.


Trader - 1 year experience

Join hundreds of traders who have already making real profit just by following Fox Trader Pro Indicator signals.

Fox Trader Pro - Buy/Sell Trading Indicator

Interesting Facts

Here are 4 interesting facts about how many cups of coffee our team drank. while we were creating the indicator, how many lines of code have been written, how many people have already got our indicator and how many grateful reviews we are already received:

Cups of Coffee
Code Lines

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Built-in Alerts

The best way to become a successful in trading in a very short time is to take EVERY winning trade. But does this mean that you have to sit in front of the computer all day? No. Instead, you simply use one of the 3 smart alerts that are built into Fox Trader Pro.

1. Pop-up sound alert

Don't be chained to your computer all the time. Boredom will soon take its toll on you. To avoid that, you can do everything you want, and, once you get a trade alert, you just place the trade right away. Easy.

2. Instant email alert

You can receive email notification in just a few seconds, to find out the exact time to trade.

3. Push-alert to your smartphone

The advantage of this is that you can activate your mobile trading platform and instantly close a trade as soon as you receive an alert.

Questions and answers

Find your question below and get an answer instantly.

It is a powerful indicator that will show you when to enter a trade and offer 2 options for exiting your trades. It will also provide complete information for making the right decision as the informer is equipped with everything necessary for this.
Works on all timeframes and all existing currency pairs. Also, the indicator adapts itself for successful trading with cryptocurrencies, indexes and precious metals.
To get started with our indicator, it's enough 10$ deposit and use correct money management, which will be provided after purchase in your user manual.
After payment, you receive a lifetime license. There will be no additional payments. All future updates will be available free of charge.
The indicator was created specifically for MetaTrader 4. The indicator will not work on other platforms.
Just send an email and ask for whatever you need. Usually, the answer comes immediately because it is very important for us to provide quality assistance as soon as possible to each client.
E-mail: support@foxtraderpro.com

Fox Trader Pro - Buy/Sell Trading Indicator

60 Days Full Money Back Guarantee!

Dear Traders!

If for some strange reason you are unhappy with the profit of the indicator or dissatisfied with the capabilities of Fox Trader Pro, you have the opportunity to receive a full refund of your funds within 60 days after making a purchase. It is very important for us that every client feels safe and does not risk anything.

This function is valid for 60 days from the date of purchase of the indicator. We will refund your money without any problems or questions.

Truly Yours,
Fox Traders Team.

In Touch

Email us ANY TIME and we will do our best to help you.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, will it the installation process, questions
about the system or even just share your trading results.
Our team is always glad to help you, and be happy for your success!