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Affiliate Commission for the Fox Trader Pro is 60%. Fox Trader Pro price is $174. It means that you get $104.4 for each affiliate sale.

Fox Trader Pro offer for Promotion

Fox Trader Pro Price: $174 usd

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Step 3: Use our E-Mail Templates

The best way to promote it, is to show people how it works via your own trading results, but we also compiled some other useful materials
that should help you market it.

Tear apart your subscribers by E-Mail with one of this templates, and start to rake in a heap of money immediately after sending it.
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An Informative E-mail Template that you can use to convince a person to purchase.

Dear NAME!

Thank you so much for your attention to a brand new
"Fox Trader Pro" trading tool. I am very happy to describe
it from all sides and show you all that it is capable of!

It's a powerful indicator for Binary Options and Forex trading
that specially created for MT4 platform and works on
ALL pairs and all timeframes.

In Forex mode "Fox Trader Pro" has been equipped with a special
adaptive take profit technology that generates 2 exit options
for two types of trading: safe and aggressive - depending on the
take profit you choose. This is very useful in most trading situations.

In Binary option mode the indicator adapts to trading on Binary Options,
gives highyl accurate signal to call or put on the current candle.
Along with the indicator, you will receive detailed user manual
with explanatory pictures, special tips and trading recommendations.
It will help you quickly get started trading with the indicator
and complete each trade with maximum profit.

Whenever a new BUY/SELL signal is generated,
"Fox Trader Pro" informs you via a pop-up sound alert,
email alert or push-notification on your mobile phone.

Signals are NEVER repaint. If you get a new signal, it will stay in
its place. The indicator will not change its mind or move the signal.

No repaint, highly accurate BUY/SELL signals,
unique Adaptive TakeProfit Techlology, ability to trade
on Forex and Binary Options,
highly efficient trading algorithm and 3 types of signal notifications...

All in just one indicator for you...

Start trading with "Fox Trader Pro" and start making profit today!
Just follow the link to get it:

You will love it!

Wishing you successful trading,
Your Name

E-mail Template №1

Subject: New Revolutionary Indicator: "Fox Trader Pro" - For Forex and BO!

Dear traders!

The all-new Fox Trader Pro, which thousands of traders
have been waiting for, is finally on the market! Think for
yourself: what factors do you think about when looking
for a good trading instrument? Of course, this is its reliability,
accuracy and profitability. All three of these qualities are included
in a wonderful unique indicator: Fox Trader Pro!

It is equipped with a special Adaptive TakeProfit technology and smart informer
with a huge amount of useful information for your successfull trading.

This incredible indicator works on the Forex market and Binary Options.
It works on all timeframes and currency pairs. You just have to see it with
your own eyes in order to understand all its power:

This is fantastic!

Good luck! {Your name}

E-mail Template №2

Subject: The 2 Most Important Factors for INITIAL PROFIT in Forex and Binary Options!

Hello NAME!

Do you know the 2 most important
Factors for Successful Trading?

The answer is very simple ...

You must to know when to enter trades
and when to close them for the greatest profit.

The new "Fox Trader Pro" KNOWS this very well.
It tells you for sure when to enter and when to exit.
Check out the VIDEO in the examples
section to see what I mean:

You cannot afford to miss this ...

Good luck! {Your name}

E-mail Template №3

Subject: The Best Indicator I Have Ever Used ...

Dear traders!

Happy Fox Trader Pro Owners
keep winning trades over and over,
and get fantastic profits from it!

See what incredible trades he wins in
sections with examples on the site.
Videos and screenshots will not leave you indifferent.

Hundreds of satisfied users keep making big bucks with
this awesome indicator! Try it too by following the link below:

Good luck! {Your name}

E-mail Template №4

Subject: Brand New Scalper: 200+ Pips arrived per day with ease!

Dear traders!

Thanks a lot for your feedback.
about the new indicator "Fox Trader Pro".

Yesterday our lucky owners of the new indicator
earned over 200 pips on EUR / JPY and AUD / USD.

Get your copy of Fox Trader Pro and start
get an easy profit in a few minutes:

I am in love with this indicator ...

Good luck! {Your name}

E-mail Template №5

Subject: TOP 4 questions about Fox Trader Pro

Dear traders!

Fox Trader Pro continues to generate excellent signals
day by day. It's very accurate in catching profitable
price movements!

I receive many emails asking about this wonderful indicator,
here are the most common ones:


Question: What pairs and timeframes does it work on?
Which broker can I trade with?

Answer: Works on ALL timeframes and on ALL pairs.
But those who have already bought it receive a detailed
user manual in which pairs and TFs are indicated on which
the best result is guaranteed.

Fox Trader Pro works with any broker that
does it support MT4? Use the one you trust.


Question: How does Fox Trader Pro differ from all other
trading instruments?

1) Fox Trader Pro is built with complex algorithmic
calculations of such great mathematicians as Gann and Fibonacci,
which provides the most accurate trend definition, bypassing
unprofitable signals in a flat. 2) It works in Forex and Binary Options.
3) Has a Smart Informer that allows you to accurately
analyze the market.
4) Equipped with three types of alerts that will notify you
of every signal.
5) Equipped with unique Adaptive TakeProfit technology!


Question: What is Adaptive TakeProfit technology?
How can this help my trading?

Answer: This is a feature of Fox Trader Pro.
With each signal, it generates 2 TakeProfit
levels depending on the strength of the market.
You can choose one of them according to your trading style.

For example, many participants choose the first TP,
to be safe and ensure the largest number of successful trades.


Question: "Fox Trader Pro" repaints its signals?

Answer: “Fox Trader Pro never repaints his signals! It's guaranteed!
This indicator is designed to improve your
trading experience, so it is very important that there is no repainting.


If you have any more questions, you can get answers to them
in the FAQ section of the website.

Fox Trader Pro can make your trade
simple and profitable. Get it now:

Good luck! {Your name}

E-mail Template №6

Subject: Innovative indicator on the Market: The most accurate and profitable for Forex and BO!

Dear traders!

It's incredible to read your good reviews about
new indicator - "Fox Trader Pro"

Our community appreciated it!
You should see all the screenshots of the trades
that Fox Trader Pro made, it's just incredible:

I would like to tell you more about
Fox Trader Pro ... But you better see by yourself
what incredible results it provides:

Good luck! {Your name}

E-mail Template №7

Subject: New Super Profitable Indicator - Best in the Market!

Dear traders!

I am very happy that I continue to receive many emails where
you share your feedback! I am glad that you all liked the new
Fox Trader Pro indicator so much.

Adaptive TakeProfit technology makes
Fox Trader Pro is the best of its kind, it adapts to the market
and gives excellent signals. This week, for example, I easily
did 6 quick winning trades in a row on USD / CAD M15.

I highly recommend that you try Fox Trader Pro and start
winning trades by following its very simple and
accurate signals:

Good luck!
{Your name}